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The music is the predominant focus of this race. All resources have been set to give you a unique musical experience in the company of thousands of other runners. The DJ’s everywhere on the route, will help you to keep the rhythm, and motivate you all the way to the finish line. In the area of the finish line, the big main musical name will take over in a spectacular concert at the afterparty.


improves your performance

Scientist Costa Krageorphis from Brunel University in London, has proven that by using music, you can perform up to 15% better than usual. He specifically points out three fundamental things that music can do:

1. The attention is moved away from pain, exhaustion, and fear – you perform more intensely and longer

2. The rhythm in music backs up the rhythm of motor co-ordination – you learn better and perform your exercises more correctly

3. The mood is affected – you become uplifted by energetic music

For 20 years, the Brit has researched the effect of music, and it has been well-known for several years that music has a performance-enhancing effect. The news of the fact is that exercising with music, can provide a notably better result in high intensity exercises – like running.

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