Name of the race: Run to the beat powered by Bang & Olufsen
Starting point: On Hjermvej, at the entrance of Bang & Olufsen’s building “Gården”
Date: Saturday 5th of September 2015
Time: 14.00/2 PM
Max. participants: 5.000
Price: 350 DKK



All participants must wear the official race number of Run to the beat powered by Bang & Olufsen. The race number must not be bent, or in other ways damaged, as this can affect the timing chip. The maximum race time for runners of the half marathon is 3 hours, after which, the route will be re-opened to traffic. Max. race time will be marked by a cyclist. If a runner spends more time, it is his or her own responsibility to abide by the standing traffic regulations. Furthermore, the running will be conducted according to the general traffic regulations, where the runners will show consideration for the other participants. Officials will lead the way for the runners, and their instructions must be followed.



Each runner will receive an envelope holding important information and race number. The t-shirt will be handed over along with the race number. This will take place on the parking lot in front of Bang & Olufsen’s building “Gården”, Hjermvej, on Friday 4th of September between 12.00 and 18.00 (2-6 pm) and Saturday 5th of September between 09.00 and 13.00 (9 am to 1 pm). You will find your race number on the lists of participants, which will be dispersed regularly.



Sportstiming is the official timer of the race, and the timing is accomplished through a disposable chip, attached to the back of the race number. The results will be available in direct continuation of the race on Two time periods will be registered: Net time = from start to finish. Net time = from passing the starting line until passing the finish line.

Nettotid = from passing the starting line until passing the finish line.



There will be drinking stations several places on the route, after 5, 10, and 15 km, and at the finishing line. Toilets will be placed near the drinking stations on the route, and several toilets can be found in the start and finish area.



It is free of charge to participate in the afterparty that will take place in continuation of the race. The afterparty is set on a big lawn, between the factory buildings of Bang & Olufsen. There will be room for 6.000 guests. All runners have free access to the after-party. The access cannot be sold or handed over to another person. If you wish to buy extra tickets, this can be done via the ticket site (150 DKK/person).